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About Us

What is THE WORLD?

Imagine a planet where people live in perfect harmony - in sync with themselves, their beliefs, and the natural world around them. Where every action, no matter how small, is motivated by care: for their souls, their bodies, their loved ones, and our environment.BERNESSI may not be a revolution, but our belief in the power of small steps to trigger giant leaps is unwavering.

Who are WE in this WORLD?

We are the listeners. BERNESSI is a local brand that values the opinions of girls of every faith, skin color, or self-identification. Because we believe clothing should reflect and celebrate each girl's individuality, BERNESSI empowers you to make choices that fit your character and style.

We are the humanists. We respect the city that houses us, the bodies we inhabit, and the environments we build. As a local brand, we strive to contribute positively to our community. And so, with every purchase, we donate 10 AED to the The One Billion Tree-Planting Initiative. We know it might sound like a small gesture, but we're confident that with time, we'll create a pearl - together.

We are the helpers. At BERNESSI, we understand how hard it can be to live sustainably. That's why we provide a helping hand - with every order, our couriers will take up to 3 items that we'll ensure get disposed of ethically and safely, using sustainable methods.

Those with us are the ones who move with grace and harmony, who embrace the natural world as a vital part of themselves, and who seek to build a better world through understanding and respect. They're the ones who know that small steps pave the way for massive change. We invite you to join us, share our values, and make the world a little bit better, one simple choice at a time.